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Great Things Happen at the Edinboro Food Pantry

In Organizations on April 3, 2012 at 2:02 pm


Every day in Northwestern Pennsylvania there is over a thousand of people who receive food from the Second Harvest food bank. People who do not have enough money to afford food enjoy the opportunity of going to the food bank. This is a great organization that collects products from the food industry and food drives. Many people visit the food bank not only to get food, but to go and socialize with the rest of the community. The food from the Second Harvest food bank goes to the Edinboro Food Pantry. Edinboro’s food pantry has been located in the Boro Hall for 26 years. The best part is that the Borough pays for the location. The place is in a perfect spot for all local residents to come and receive their food.

Mary Weber is the distribution manager for the Edinboro Food Pantry. She stated “There was over 400 people that came to the food pantry last July and for the past week on Tuesdays there has been over 200 people coming to get food. It makes me smile and to know that I made other people smile is even better that is why I love my job so much.”

Items at the Food Pantry

Every Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. Mary goes to get the food around the grocery stores in the area. Wal-Mart and Wegmans donates some food where as Giant Eagle gives the Food Bank most of their loaves of bread and rolls. Once the food is brought back there are over 20 helpers that put all the boxes out on the tables.

 From my experience I got to walk through and look at all the food that people received. It really made me happy that everyone got what they wanted.  The little children that were with their families got a special treat from the people that were working there. Easter is almost here, with that said the staff members gave everyone tickets in their box of food. The tickets were for the Easter basket raffle.

In the beginning of the line there was a table that was called the “Trade table.” This table was for returning food items that people did not want in their box and traded it for another item. For example a man did not want his macaroni shells in this case he traded them in for apple sauce. Walking through the line each person was limited to one loaf of bread and one bag of rolls. There was a table of desserts such as nut bread, pies, and many more. A refrigerator was donated to the Food Pantry by one of the local churches around Edinboro. The staff members kept all the dozens of eggs in there and each family received eggs. On the next table there were your vegetables like bags of potatoes, bagged salad, cans of tomato sauce, etc. On the rest of the tables there were plenty of miscellaneous items like bananas, pasta, grape jelly, cans of vegetables.

Mary Weber of Edinboro Food Pantry receiving $250 donation

There are several places around Edinboro that give numerous donations to support of all the families at the Food Bank. On January 17th Mary Weber received a $250 donation from the Edinboro Rotary. “The Edinboro Food Bank paid $21,247.61 for the food, meaning for every dollar donated they were able to purchase $20 of food.” Donations can be made to Edinboro Food Pantry which is located on 124 Meadville Street, Edinboro, Pa 16412. Also you can come and talk to Mary about volunteering the staff members would love to have anyone help.

There is so much to look forward too when going to the food pantry, such as the dedicated staff members, all the different kinds of food, and most importantly the people who are receiving the food. I was very pleased that there were shopping carts. I was expecting little baskets and that is how much food you got. I was not sure at first of how much food you could actually receive. This is where the shopping cart comes in hand because of how heavy the items in the box were. When everyone is finished going through the line there is a door where people exit that leads towards their vehicles. My friend Trish and I went out the door and put our boxes of food in her car. An older man came over to us and took our cart away. It was one of the nicest things ever. He was so helpful and very generous. It put a smile on my face that he absolutely enjoyed helping others at the Food Pantry. The Food Pantry is an outgoing place where everyone knows somebody and the staff members treat everyone like family.


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