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Kids Cafe

In Organizations on April 5, 2012 at 3:16 pm


The Trinity Center in Erie, PA’s “Little Italy” neighborhood is a community wide resource that offers programming, services and opportunities for youth and families.  This includes a Kids Cafe, which provides meals to children in need.

Kids Cafes are a recent development in combating child hunger. In 1989, two brothers were discovered looking for food one night in the kitchen of their housing project’s community center. This sparked a response and led to the first Kids Cafe in Savannah, Georgia.

The Trinity Center works in conjunction with the Northwest PA Second Harvest Food Bank.  The organizations teamed up when the Center decided to incorporate a Kids Cafe into their programming.  The food bank helps offset the cost of food and resources.  The Trinity Center acts as a host site and deals directly with Second Harvest to use the food bank’s inventory as well as work with child preferences.

Kids Cafes are an extensive resource for children and families who use them.  Without the Trinity Center’s Kids Cafe, children in the area would not have a guaranteed daily meal.

This piece is a look into the Trinity Center and their Kids Cafe with Justin Calabrese, the Trinity Center’s Latino Coordinator.

Thanks to Justin Calabrese, Amy Helmer and the rest of the Trinity Center staff for their time, support and resources.


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